Wedding Photo’s – Mr. & Mrs. Bowers, DV

Wedding 2.0 in Drayton Valley, Alberta We were so fortunate to have had the opportunity to celebrate our wedding all over again on July 9, 2016 in Drayton Valley at my parents acreage. A big thank you to our parents. We were thankful to have a mostly beautiful weekend… Well, at least for the set up, and then again after dinner. Our tent set up was beautiful and unique. Thanks to our decorating and set up team, which consisted of pretty much everyone! A special thanks again to all our close friends and family.  From stringing and putting in 11,000 light bulbs to carrying the tent across the yard… You name it, it was done by all our thoughtful friends and family. Most of our Read More

Wedding Photo’s – Mr. & Mrs. Bowers, Cancun

Wedding 1.0 April 21, 2016, Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort Being that our wedding photo’s and ceremony video never made it online for sharing, I thought I would take the opportunity to do so.  Plus, why not have all our wedding photo’s online incase something happens to the hard copies! I will be posting two further blog segments following this one; encompassing our Mexico wedding ceremony video, and our Drayton Valley celebration/wedding photo’s as well, stay tuned! Aside from my new business Infinity Design Company, one of the things I love most in life is spending time with my dearest husband Alex, and travelling to places we have never been before! We travelled to Cancun with close friends and family, and on April 21, Read More