Productivity At It’s Finest!

How To Organize Your Chaos Ever wondered what you could do to increase your productivity? Taking care of a child while working from home has its challenges, especially amidst a pandemic.  Whether or not you’re a parent, it’s not always easy to carry a smile on your face. Not to mention keep others around you from feeling the worry you hold inside. When I was initially told to isolate it was a bit of an adjustment for me, mentally and physically.   I created some valuable tools to help pass the time by and start accomplishing important things/tasks. My tools are increasing the overall productivity in our household and reducing my anxiety. To be clear, none of these tools were created in Microsoft Word or Excel. These tools Read More

Easter DIY Style Celebrating

How We Did Easter This Year This Easter was the first year my daughter was able to actually run around collecting clues and eggs.  That being said, it was a very exciting year for all of us and I had been planning it for a very long time. I recognize it was slightly different than prior years for all of us, a bit quieter in the sense of isolation and the recent seclusion from family members.  Thus, my goal this year was to create DIY items that families could work on together and use to make this year extra special while staying in. We made the most of the day and live streamed our egg hunt to our closest family members. My daughter went around collecting Read More

Making The Most Of A Pandemic!

Hello New World I can’t believe how time is flying in the midst of a pandemic, never mind the past year.  This is such a weird time to say the least.  Whether you’re in isolation or simply social distancing, weekends are blending into weeks and days are getting lost in the week just passing us by.  One of the things I’ve learned is that moments in time flutter by quickly, so it’s good to take lots of pictures and write things down along the way.  Don’t worry, a day will soon come when our first thought isn’t about Covid-19 and the aftermath. Being confined in my own home is giving me the gift of spending more quality time with my family and also a real push Read More

We’re Back!

Back to Business as Usual This past half a year has been truly wonderful in so many ways, but also kind of a big blur.  Welcoming my first baby into this world and managing a business has been somewhat of a challenge, but I honestly would not have it any other way. I am not afraid to admit I definitely have been focusing on one more than the other… the baby of course, in case you are wondering!  Hopefully I can improve my social presence significantly in the next few weeks and months to come.   Oh… and isn’t my newest co-designer just the cutest? These past few months I’ve spent countless hours of my time trying to keep up with family and friend requests/surprises, Read More

Affordable Wedding Invitations

  Don’t Break the Bank Infinity Design Company is here to provide affordable wedding invitations. You should have a feeling of excitement when planning your wedding invitations and stationery. We’ve been in your shoes and understand how difficult it can be. We will help you choose your invitations and other printed stationery according to your budget and needs. Budget Right For Your Wedding Invitations The most important thing that you cannot overlook is your budget, it’s of the utmost importance. Before consulting industry vendors, decide your entire wedding budget and guest list. This will make it easier to determine how many wedding invitations you require and how much you can afford to spend prior to contacting a wedding invitation vendor. We are here to give Read More

Wedding Guest List Email Automation

Have you ever struggled collecting hundred’s of email addresses, only to then type them into an email to: line one at a time? The struggle is real! Our customers often tell us how hard it is to keep up with the latest tools, trends, etiquette, and techniques for sending out wedding invitations, save the dates, and everything to do with their weddings. Ever heard of email automation? Email Automation Look no further, we’ll take the struggle off your hands and save you your time and sanity. Infinity Design Company uses an email and design software to help you stay connected to your guests every step of the way.  The automation responsibility can be left with us, taking the repetitive tasks off your plate. Consider us Read More

Wedding Photo’s – Mr. & Mrs. Bowers, DV

Wedding 2.0 in Drayton Valley, Alberta We were so fortunate to have had the opportunity to celebrate our wedding all over again on July 9, 2016 in Drayton Valley at my parents acreage. A big thank you to our parents. We were thankful to have a mostly beautiful weekend… Well, at least for the set up, and then again after dinner. Our tent set up was beautiful and unique. Thanks to our decorating and set up team, which consisted of pretty much everyone! A special thanks again to all our close friends and family.  From stringing and putting in 11,000 light bulbs to carrying the tent across the yard… You name it, it was done by all our thoughtful friends and family. Most of our Read More

Destination Wedding Video – Mr. & Mrs. Bowers

A True Destination Wedding Here’s  a fun fact about destination wedding’s, more specifically ours… Did you know, Alex and I legally got married in Mexico? We plan on staying together forever. If we didn’t, we would be travelling back to Mexico just to file a divorce!  The sad thing is, they don’t really make it easy to have a legal destination wedding. In fact, most brides generally get married legally in Canada first, and just celebrate destination style. We had to undergo blood tests and much more just to see this day through. I will be the first to admit, it was tough at times, but we never gave up. I feel like our day was even more special because of all the research and Read More

Wedding Photo’s – Mr. & Mrs. Bowers, Cancun

Wedding 1.0 April 21, 2016, Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort Being that our wedding photo’s and ceremony video never made it online for sharing, I thought I would take the opportunity to do so.  Plus, why not have all our wedding photo’s online incase something happens to the hard copies! I will be posting two further blog segments following this one; encompassing our Mexico wedding ceremony video, and our Drayton Valley celebration/wedding photo’s as well, stay tuned! Aside from my new business Infinity Design Company, one of the things I love most in life is spending time with my dearest husband Alex, and travelling to places we have never been before! We travelled to Cancun with close friends and family, and on April 21, Read More

My Business Launch

We are so excited to officially launch and post on our blog for the first time! We look forward to connecting with you, and hopefully keeping you inspired, entertained, and most importantly informed.  Being properly informed when making decisions about your wedding or business is of the utmost importance.  So why not let us help you out?  We want to write and post content our customers want to read.  Talk to us, comment, engage, let us know what you need to hear and we will do our best to get you the information you need. My Business Launch Story My vision and inspiration for my business launch began secretly, before, during, and after Alex and I tied the knot on April 21, 2016.  Very recently Read More