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How To Organize Your Chaos

Ever wondered what you could do to increase your productivity? Taking care of a child while working from home has its challenges, especially amidst a pandemic.  Whether or not you're a parent, it’s not always easy to carry a smile on your face. Not to mention keep others around you from feeling the worry you hold inside. When I was initially told to isolate it was a bit of an adjustment for me, mentally and physically.  

I created some valuable tools to help pass the time by and start accomplishing important things/tasks. My tools are increasing the overall productivity in our household and reducing my anxiety. To be clear, none of these tools were created in Microsoft Word or Excel. These tools are 100% custom made by me in a professional graphic design software.   All the tools were created with optimization and functionality in mind. They are 100% digital friendly, fillable via a computer, tablet, or phone and additionally printable for handwritten notes if that's your preference.

Let me introduce you to the "Productivity Bundle." 

Each Document Serves A Unique Purpose

For example, I inventoried our freezer, pantry, and fridge to refrain from going out frequently and panic buying.  I did this using the “Freezer Inventory,” “Pantry Inventory,” and “Fridge Inventory” productivity templates.  When new items are purchased they are added to the appropriate household inventory sheets.  When supply runs low because we've eaten everything, they are simply added to the “Grocery List!” I have two grocery lists constantly running, one for Costco and the other for Safeway. Sometimes the things required are not available in the store.  The “Meal Idea’s List” compliments all of these, because once you know your inventory, you can plan your meals around it.  There’s nothing worse than realizing half way through cooking, you're missing a key ingredient. 

Needless to say if there was a full lockdown implemented, because of my productivity preparation, I feel as prepared as can be. 

The Best Productivity Printable

I highly recommend the "Daily Household Checklist." It is my favourite productivity printable included in this bundle.  I’ve adjusted to isolation nice and smoothly.  That's thanks to these documents saving me when I felt completely overwhelmed or had a tiny bit of anxiety.  Daily/weekly tasks can be overwhelming; overdue cleaning, meal planning, the desire to do fitness, stacks of laundry, and work, all while trying to keep our daughter happy.   The "Laundry Guide" pairs nicely with this one too!  It can be especially helpful if you're teaching your children, or guiding your significant other on the in's and out's of laundry.

Below you’ll see an example of how I use the checklist in our home on a daily/weekly basis for some added ideas as to how you could best use yours!

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