Making The Most Of A Pandemic!

Hello New World

I can’t believe how time is flying in the midst of a pandemic, never mind the past year.  This is such a weird time to say the least.  Whether you’re in isolation or simply social distancing, weekends are blending into weeks and days are getting lost in the week just passing us by.  One of the things I’ve learned is that moments in time flutter by quickly, so it’s good to take lots of pictures and write things down along the way.  Don’t worry, a day will soon come when our first thought isn’t about Covid-19 and the aftermath.

Being confined in my own home is giving me the gift of spending more quality time with my family and also a real push to pump out my best self with a work life balance.  A blend of all things, whether or not they are my favourite: fitness, games, FaceTime, tv, arts and crafts, cooking, sleep and design work.

I thought now would be a great opportunity to tell you all about some of the free printable's I've been creating!

A Shout Out To Family

In the past few weeks I've received unique design requests from family.  So while you can attribute a thanks to me for the design work, know without them it would not have existed.  That leads me to telling the story behind the “Positivity Card” (first item shown below).  

We Are All Human Being's

My mother was looking to include a kind and simple message with her grocery deliveries, “you are not alone.”  Thus, the creation of the “Positivity Card” to share that message and provide some positivity to others in their new everyday lives.

The final bundle I am going to highlight came to be when I received a request from my grandmother, who had recently travelled and was in a strict 14 day isolation period.  The request was to make an advent style calendar with 14 days, where her and my grandfather could look forward to marking off progress on the days passing them by, hence the creation of the “Isolation Calendar.”

During our conversation there was also talk of some sort of door sign so that people who came to the door would be aware and be able to see what day of isolation they are on.  That being said, that’s how the door sign came to be.  The final item of the bundle created was the “Isolation Bucket List.”  If you are isolating as a family or a couple, it's good to each fill out your own list and then also do one together.  There’s no real story to be told behind this one, it’s just in my nature to be a super planner/organizer and all.  I was thinking this would be a fun way for my grandparents and others to make the most of their time together.

Made With Love And Care

Before I let you go, I just wanted to say a quick thank you for all the continued support of my business, times are tougher now than ever with life on hold. I spend countless hours, days and weeks on some projects and truly do appreciate all my customers, family and friends that continue to follow me, share and like my work and purchase items.

If you haven't accessed the free printable's yet, this is me providing you with the download link for the last time!  

Yours truly,

- CB

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