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Newborn Photo

This past half a year has been truly wonderful in so many ways, but also kind of a big blur.  Welcoming my first baby into this world and managing a business has been somewhat of a challenge, but I honestly would not have it any other way. I am not afraid to admit I definitely have been focusing on one more than the other… the baby of course, in case you are wondering!  Hopefully I can improve my social presence significantly in the next few weeks and months to come.   Oh… and isn’t my newest co-designer just the cutest?

These past few months I’ve spent countless hours of my time trying to keep up with family and friend requests/surprises, while still slotting some space for me. There’s one thing I always can’t do and that’s say “NO”.  That being said, with each new request there’s usually been a learning curve and for that I am so grateful! So, as I’ve said before many times keep hitting me up with questions and tasks. All challenges are appreciated and accepted. I am excited to keep sharing all the things I’ve been working on from the corporate world to weddings, so stay tuned!

Shout out to Heavens Edge Photography on the great photos of my little!

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