Wedding Photo’s – Mr. & Mrs. Bowers, Cancun

wedding Photo's

Wedding 1.0 April 21, 2016, Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort

Being that our wedding photo’s and ceremony video never made it online for sharing, I thought I would take the opportunity to do so.  Plus, why not have all our wedding photo’s online incase something happens to the hard copies! I will be posting two further blog segments following this one; encompassing our Mexico wedding ceremony video, and our Drayton Valley celebration/wedding photo’s as well, stay tuned!

Aside from my new business Infinity Design Company, one of the things I love most in life is spending time with my dearest husband Alex, and travelling to places we have never been before! We travelled to Cancun with close friends and family, and on April 21, 2016 tied the knot at a very quaint and romantic beach at the Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort. The day was absolutely stunning and hot, hot, hot. There were only a few drops of rain prior to me walking down the beach to say I do. Aside from our rental golf carts breaking down and then later being stolen, everything went pretty smoothly that day.  Don’t worry security put out an APB for our golf carts and eventually found them!

Here were a few highlights of our special day:

  • Our cutest bridesmaid, Melissa Schellenberg thought our drone capturing video was a Mexican bee chasing her down the aisle, lol.
  • We both secretly wrote our vows and revealed them at our ceremony.
  • The drone captured our vows and a brief video of our ceremony, so we now have a beautiful keepsake.
  • The best man, Steve Monnery’s speech and his toilet plunger prop, yes, he actually whipped out a plunger!
  • A week long vacation with our closest friends and family. Dinners, beach days, drinks, mini golf, the wave rider, and midnight walks trying to find our rooms. Man was the resort big!
  • Papa and Alex danced to I’m to sexy for my shirt… and a shirt may have ben whipped off, that’s a memory for the books.

Please click here to view our wedding photo’s.  We hope you enjoy all of the wedding photo’s as much as we do!

These were my first pieces of art created for our wedding… I am proud to say I have come along way since our wedding.  My passion, education, and experience has grown exponentially.

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to watch for the other wedding segments coming soon on the blog!

Ceremony Program
Ceremony Program


Seating Chart
Seating Chart


Table Numbers
Tables Numbers


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