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We are so excited to officially launch and post on our blog for the first time! We look forward to connecting with you, and hopefully keeping you inspired, entertained, and most importantly informed.  Being properly informed when making decisions about your wedding or business is of the utmost importance.  So why not let us help you out?  We want to write and post content our customers want to read.  Talk to us, comment, engage, let us know what you need to hear and we will do our best to get you the information you need.

My Business Launch Story

My vision and inspiration for my business launch began secretly, before, during, and after Alex and I tied the knot on April 21, 2016.  Very recently and in the past year committing myself to this venture became a priority to me for a reasons.

Caitlin and Jax
Caitlin and Jax

I felt the need to be more creative with my work and have fun doing it. How could I not love having Jax and Silver (our cats) as co-designers.  I used to channel my creative visions on the ice coaching, but since we moved to Chestermere in May of 2015 I have not been coaching and my creativity has been building up like pressure in a volcano ready to erupt, and blow lava.  (My husband and I recently watched the movie Pompeii, it probably has something to do with my imagination here).

I miss the wedding faze and I wish we could get married all over again.  With my business established, I now look forward to making other brides dreams come true and living vicariously through them.

I have a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, studied risk management and insurance, innovation and entrepreneurship, graphic design, digital communications, social media for business, digital content creation, and web design at Mount Royal University. You know what they say, if you don’t use it, you will lose it! I didn’t want this to happen. Even working for an employer in the corporate world wasn’t putting all my education or skill set to use in it’s fullest potential, so I decided to be my own boss and step outside of my comfort zone.  Hello world! Hello risk!  Who would have thought I would ever be the one to take a risk such as this one!

What we do

Infinity Design Company is a digital and print design studio run out of our home in Chestermere, specializing in elegant wedding invitations and stationery (menus, programs, name place cards, table numbers, seating charts, favours, stickers, etc).  We can book you in for a consultation at our location, or simply do business from near to far electronically, whatever works best for you.  Other wedding services such as guest list email automation are available.  Additionally, we are confident Facebook group pages, and wedding websites will be incorporated on our website very soon! Our products will be continually posted on our website and social platforms as they are designed.

While the wedding industry is a huge target of ours, it’s not the only industry we look to service.  We also provide digital and print services to the corporate world; corporate event invitations and stationery, marketing materials, logos, business cards, email signature design, fillable forms, letterhead, social media, email automation, etc.  We encourage you to review our list of corporate services on our website.
Please check out our website at

Whether you’re married or know someone who is going to be, or in a different sense know someone in the corporate or business world looking to accomplish a task that they can’t complete themselves… I would greatly appreciate if you could spread the word by liking and sharing any of my social platform pages, my website, or my contact information.  I can be reached by email at or by telephone at 587-226-9175.  Referrals are greatly encouraged and sincerely appreciated!

Stay tuned! I am certain you will be seeing more from us very soon!

Yours truly,


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